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Smokehouse Bayou

Smokehouse Bayou SteakDust

Smokehouse Bayou SteakDust

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If you love to fire up the grill here at Smokehouse Bayou, so we decided to formulate our own steak seasoning that reflects our taste.  If you want to take your steak, chicken, fish and hamburgers to the next level, add some SteakDust to your grilling arsenal.  There is zero sugar in this seasoning, as well.  Just in time for football season!Every week here on the Bayou, we smoke a ton of Chicken and Pork, and we exclusively use BayouDust.  Our customers love it.  It is Smokehouse Bayou in a bottle.  It is the perfect balance of Sweet and Heat.  If you want to replicate southern BBQ flavor on your next smoke, Get yourself some BayouDust.  Your wings are going to be the talk of every tailgate, this season.

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